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This is a non planed shrine dedicated to a pokemon from the generation V or let’s say from the Black and White franchise. And I’m speaking about Zoroak, it’s a nice pokemon, a really lovely pokemon and I love it.

I got my copy of White as soon as it came available here in Slovenia, even if I wanted black I wouldn’t be able to get it, they I don’t know why didn’t sell it here. And I got my Zorua, I got it by trade. And it’s part of my team right now, and I’m happy to have her (because I have a female).

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Basic Information

Some simple facts about the fox

As pokemon lovers know Zoroark (along Zorua) were the first pokemon of the Generation V to be shown to the public actually his silhouette was the first known to be revealed when there were just speculations about generation V.

Zoroark is the final evolution, that means this pokemon doesn’t evolve anymore. On level 30 Zorua evolves into Zoroark.

  • Name: Zoroark (JP: Zoroaaku, GER: Zoroark, FR: Zoroark)
  • Pokedex: Unova #77; National #571
  • Species: Illusion Fox Pokemon
  • Type:
  • Height: 1,6mWeight: 81.1 kg
  • Gender: M 87,5% - F12,5
  • Habitat: Forests
  • Egg Group: Field group
  • Color: Grey
  • Pawprint:
  • Special Ability: Illusion (When sent out into battle, it takes the name and appearance of the last non-fainted Pokémon within your party. It breaks when an attack does damage on the Pokémon but not from Weather Effects or Entry Hazards.)
  • Damage Taken:
    2x 1x ½ x , 0x

As said Zoroark has a special ability that it’s being able to create illusions, that are so good that you can’t distinguish from reality. For example when you use your Zoroark during battle he won’t appear by his form but the form of the pokemon you have last in row. Diferently from Ditto, this pokemon can’t take the powers and physical abilities of the pokemon he changed in to, simply because it’s just an illusion, this means, it’s just the outside that looks like another pokemon but he keeps his moves and everything else.
Another special ability this pokemon has is that Zoroark and also Zorua are the only two pokemon who can learn Night Daze move.

These pokemon normaly live in groups and are quite protective of their “loved” ones and are quite vengeful when someone touches them or harms them, an example is shown in the movie: Zoroark: the master of illusions, but I presume it’s the same also in the game. They use their illusions to protect their territory making impossible to find it, because you see illusory landscape.

Another fascinating thing is, that Zoroarks, hide Zoruas in their mane to carry them around and protect them, which is also shown in the movie. (I find it extremely cute, LOL)

Zoroark: the Name and the Appearance

origins of the name and looks

First the name when we are speaking of the Japanese name ZORO AKU, it�s possible that the first part of the name comes from Spanish zorro, which is translated in fox, while the second part AKU probably is from Japanese evil. The second probability is for the English name, is the first part same as for the Japanese, Spanish fox, while the second part probably derives from the word Dark.

When it comes to the appearance the first thing we notice is that this pokemon does look like a fox. Differently from Zorua, Zoroark stays on two legs, has fox ears, long mane that seems like almost like a ponytail. On his front paws it has three claws and same goes for the legs. The coloration varies from black to red and has also some brown and grey parts. Fascinating is that it looks like as wearing red makekup around eyes and mouth.

There are speculations about his appearance which as always leads to the Japanese folklore, and let�s face it seeing this pokemon and his abilities the first mythological creature we�ll think about is the Japanese kitsune (and in the end zoroark is a fox). A kitsune is a shape shifting mythical fox, which used illusions to get what they wanted.
The markings on Zoroark face make us think also of the makeup used in the Japanese theatre (Like Kabuki and Noh).
Because we love legends, and the fact that this pokemon stands on two legs � in our mythology will make us think of werewolves. He actually does look like one.
The last speculation about this creature is also that he is probably also based on the ninjas, because he fights with illusions� and that were considered �illusion� technique, known in Japanese as genjutsu (if you watch or read Naruto it�s not a new word for you).

Zoroark: Pokedex

Zoroark appears for the first time in the generation V, that means in BW franchise.

Black - Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents.
White - Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.

Game Locations

The get this pokemon in the BW games is a little tricky, if you don't trade it. The way you can catch it is if you have the event suicune or entei or raikou from HG/SS, and you have moved one of them to your Black or White copy. If you did, then you will encounter Zoroak at Lostlorn forest.

Even if it's not a legendary pokemon, still an event Pokemon, you have to get first a shiny event legendary beast to be able to get hold on him, or on Celebi to get it's pre-evolution form: Zorua.

Movesets by Leveling

I'm doing a table with the moves Zoroark can learn by leveling up, and then I'll just write a list under, what other moves it can learn using TMs

Hone Claws
Fury Swipes
Faint Attack
Scary Face
Foul Play
Night Slash
Nasty Plot
Night Daze

The TM/HM moves that it can learn are - Honey Claws , Calm Mind, Roar, Toxic, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Taunt, Hyper Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Return, Dig, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Rotment, Facade, Rest, Attract, Thief, Low Sweep, Round, Focus Blast, Fling, Incenerate, Embargo, Shadow Claw, Payback, Retaliate, Giga Impact, Swords Dance, Grass Knot, Swagger, U-Turn, Substitute, Rock Smash, Snarl and Cut.

Zoroark: The Master of Illusions

This is actually a touching story, that for a moment makes you tear toward the end. It's the story of love, not romantic love, but love between a mother and son, and also a story of evilness and kidnapping.
I won't write much about it, because then it wouldn't be the point of watching it, would it. The story is about an evil man who kidnapps the kid to make his mother do stuff for him, and he promises wouldn't hurt her baby.
We know how stories like this go, that naturaly the evil guy won't keep his promise and similar.
The movie is about how strong Zoroark is, and the pokemon in question is a female in the movie. Here it shows the fact at how protective Zoroarks are, especially when it comes to their Zoruas. It shows to what lenght the female is prepared to go, if it means bringing her baby to safty, she doesn't care, she can go on destroying the city, because that's what the evil man wants from her.
Another trait that is shown in the movie, is that Zoroark is quite vengful, so when she gets the posibility of having vengance, she'll do it.
The movie is really nice to watch, I love the art, and as always the pokemon are really great, if we ignore Ash there, it really great movie, and a touching one.

Why this site

Let's face it, this pokemon cought my attention the moment it was revealed, but then I sort of forgot about it, and had the luck trading zorua for my White game. Then another thing happened, and it was the movie, which atracted my attention and I begin cooing over this pokemon, and it's ways. I started it, but then stoped, and the last push to finish it I got for the anual Amassment's One Page One Month Marathon.


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